Selecting the RIGHT company for the long term with added benefits and residual income

30 YEARS ago I made a decision that changed my life.

MCA/TVC was a life saver to me.  Starting to work as an independent marketing agent was not easy.  As a matter of fact, everone told me I was crazy, and truthfully, I even questioned it myself. 

That was until I got my FIRST pay check.  Granted it wasn't that great but it let me know this company was real and I had a chance to choose how much I made by setting my own work schedule and making sales.

I treated it like a real job because it WAS my real job.  Each day I made the time the same as my old job, 8 hours.  The difference, it was on MY time, not someone elses time clock.  I was the BOSS of my life and my time.  If I wanted to take a day off for a birthday, school event, play day - not a problem.  I could simply make it up when I wanted too, and not LOSE anything.  I didn't have to worry about the companies vacation schedule, the companies sick day policy, the company  In the beginning I put in the time, sometimes more than 10 hours a day but I knew if I would just stick to my plan, it would work.  I was PERSISTIENT! 

I set a goal and knew what I wanted to earn each year.  Then I divided that to see what I would need on a monthly basis to meet that goal.  Then I broke that month into 4 weeks, and the weeks into days.  I know what I needed to be doing EACH day to reach my goal.  Did I make it each week?  No, but there were weeks I went over so I found a balance.  I tracked my production to see what times I was most productive and least productive.  I arranged my work time around these times and days.  I found there were certain weeks in each month that I was better so those weeks I put in more time and less on the weeks that were not.  There is an ebb and flow to life and when you find and feel the vibrations or tones that work best with and for you, you are in your sweet spot.

My plan was to retire or have retirement income in 8 years.  That's right, 8 years, not 30-40.  The first year was about where I had been the previous year at my old job except with the deductions I had from travel, interviewing, etc., I earned MORE.

The second year, it almost doubled!  That's right - DOUBLED and yes, at the end of 8 years I was in the 6 figure income club and still growing. 

Today I live on the beach, have a condo in the mountains and live life on MY time.  

The questions I get is can I do this?  The answer is YES, if your willing to do what it takes. We have the tools, we have the proven success system including 30 days of videos with daily activities to move you to financial freedom - if you take action and choose to do it. 

The way I acquired my success may not work for you.   But it could the beginning to your future story and you would make the necessary adjustments along the way to make it work for you.

By not trying the only thing you have to lose is your future.  

Let's GROW together.

Charlotte Watts