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Thanks for the savings!

You said to look up the benefits and make sure you were taking advantage of the savings. I never thought too much about it until I needed some emergency dental work done.

After checking with my dentist I was shocked to find I would need $10,000 for a procedure.

Needless to say it was time to shop around.

In doing so I found a dentist that saved me several thousands of dollars for the same exact thing. When I went back to my regular dentist they ask why I didn't schedule with them. After sharing why, they are now applying to be part of this awesome program.

Thank you MCA

Alva P,

Dee M., Oklahoma, Motor Club of America Member Since 2011

Ready to go to work. Started to back out of the drive and my gas pedal stuck! I hit a tree, luckily I wasn't hurt but my vehicle was. MCA, Motor Club of America, towed the car for free. I got my rental fee reimbursed.

Donna A, Richardson, TX, Member Since 2012

Had a flat on the way to a meeting in Dallas, Tx. Called MCA, had the tire changed and back on the road in less than an hour! Now that is service.

Ken L., Member Since 2012

Had to have my PU truck towed from Panama City to Miramar Beach, Fl. Before MCA, $400 total cost with MCA. Thanks MCA!

Tim B, California, Member Since 2011

I had a ticket in Texas on 287 between Amarillo and Dallas. I sure didn't want to go back there to fight it so had TVC-MCA represent me, no points on my license. Thanks for saving me my job. We can't have any tickets and still work for the company I am with.

Steve A., MO, Member Since 2011

I never thought it would happen to me! I forgot to fill the gas tank. Had my mind on where I was going and somehow totally missed the warning. In the middle of New Mexico, next gas 50 miles and I was stuck with my wife and two kids in the car! Thank you for coming to my rescue MCA!