MCA Motor Club Of America Offers Top Roadside Assistance Plans.

“We’ve all seen that car pulled off to the side of the road. The female driver is juggling a wrench, jack, spare tire while trying to read the owner’s manual. As a Motor Club of America member she could have made one simple toll free call and a tow truck would come to her rescue and change her tire free of charge,” states Charlotte Watts, National Director Sales and Marketing for MCA Motor Club of America.

“It really is that simple!”

Motor Club of America (MCA) provides unlimited roadside assistance and towing for members nationwide.

“For a low monthly fee MCA members have full coverage with unlimited emergency road side assistance. Service includes fixing flats, bringing gas, providing minor repairs or towing the car to a qualified repair shop up to 100 miles.”

Updated service plans include everything from helping post bonds on traffic related matters, legal assistance with a ticket and even Emergency Room cash back from all accidents, attorney fees and travel services.

“Our service would have had this driver back on the road quickly and safely. In the case of a collision where the vehicle is inoperable our service will tow it free of charge up to 100 miles. Membership includes unlimited towing to the nearest facility.

“Any car problem, especially a collision, can be a nerve-racking experience for the entire family. A MCA Motor Club of America membership guarantees that all the assistance needed is one phone call away.

“The nominal Club membership fee is one of the best investments available for the car and your family’s peace of mind,” concludes Watts.