“Is MCA Motor Club Of America a scam or not?” is a questioned posed by bloggers and website owners. The question is used as click bait to attract website visitors who are given inaccurate information.

“A common question found on the internet asks “is MCA Motor Club of America a scam or not?”. The answer is absolutely not!” states Charlotte Watts, National Director of Sales and Marketing for MCA Motor Club of America.

Motor Club of America (MCA) offers cheap roadside assistance plans with unlimited towing for members in US and Canada.

“Don’t trust everything you read on the internet. Unfortunately the internet has given everybody the opportunity to publish anything whether it’s accurate or even something that’s out and out misleading,”

“This misinformation damages the reputation of honest, high profile companies and even jeopardizes the income of individuals involved.

“For instance, numerous people have made inaccurate claims that MCA Motor Club of America is a scam and a pyramid scheme. These false claims show that posters have a total lack of education in the way the Club is operated. Unfortunately this invalid information stays online for years and therefore has a long term negative effect.

“Many of these “scam” posters are used simply as click bait to entice surfers to click through to their website.

“The MCA Motor Club of America has a multi level marketing (MLM) system that offers a performance based commission structure to associates for sale of valuable services to prospective members.

“Uninformed internet posters use multi level marketing as if it is synonymous with a pyramid scheme and therefore a scam. With a pyramid scheme money usually changes hands but products or services don’t. The lifespan of these schemes are based on the recruitment of people investing cash. Those at the bottom of the pyramid do eventually lose their “investment” with absolutely nothing to show for it.

“On the other hand MLM offers associates the opportunity to earn passive weekly income based on the sale of quality services such as those offered by MCA Motor Club of America.

Founded in 1926, Motor Club of America is older that other companies with similar commission structures such at Amway (1959), Mary Kay (1963) and Legal Shield (1972). Even the provider of financial and insurance services, Primerica (1977), is based on the MLM structure!

“As pyramid schemes are illegal in the US and elsewhere that would mean that prestigious companies such as those mentioned together with MCA Motor Club of America would be shut down by the Government and become extinct overnight. The fact that we are all still in operation, and have been for decades, must indicate that we all operate legally!

“In fact if you look at the organizational structure of most companies in the US it resembles that of a pyramid. Sales of product or services originate at the base of the pyramid. Then  revenues flow upward to the CEO at the top. Some CEO receives huge dividends based on sales. Would that mean most US companies are operating illegally?

“Any legitimate MLM program is not a get rich quick scheme. Instead, each self employed associate has to apply themselves to get their business off the ground. The amount of compensation is in direct proportion to effort invested.

“I suspect that most of the uninformed internet posters that claim MCA Motor Club of America is a scam are people that didn’t put in the effort and would rather blame the company than themselves for their own lack of success,” concludes Watts.