Cheap Roadside Assistance Plans With Unlimited Towing For Older Cars

Most new vehicles are sold complete with a roadside assistance plan, but it’s the older cars that are more likely to break down.

“Older cars can and will break down anywhere. We know this, but we are gambling when it will actually happen and when it does it’s never convenient and never cheap, ” states Charlotte Watts, National Director Sales and Marketing for MCA Motor Club of America.

Motor Club of America (MCA) provides unlimited roadside assistance and towing for members nationwide for new and older vehicles.

For a low monthly fee MCA members have full coverage with unlimited emergency roadside assistance. Service includes fixing flats, bringing gas, providing minor repairs or towing the car to a qualified repair shop up to 100 miles.

“We’ve seen and heard the warning signs that there’s trouble on the road ahead. A new noise, a rougher ride or the “check engine” light goes on and off are all indicators of a impending break down.

“Break downs can happen in your driveway, at the grocery store parking lot, outside a restaurant or on the freeway. Murphy’s Law dictates that the car will not break down within easy pushing distance of a repair facility!

“The bare minimum cost is towing the vehicle to the repair facility. As towing companies charge by the mile this could be expensive depending how far away the break down occurs from the repair facility.

“At these times an MCA Motor Club of America roadside assistance for older cars is worth its weight in gold. One single towing incident could save you more money than an annual membership.

“MCA Motor Club of America members have that umbrella of security knowing professional assistance is only one phone call away. The nominal Club membership fee is one of the best investments you can make for older cars and your family’s peace of mind,” concludes Watts.