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Our affiliate program is simple. You get someone to join our affiliate program or membership service and we'll pay you $80 for it. There are no limits to how much money you can earn on a weekly basis. We give you a referral link to give to other people. When they join through your website link we'll pay you on Friday morning through direct deposit. The more you work the more money you earn with our affiliate program... it's that simple.

How To Join

Joining is simple. Just hit the "Become An Associate" button below to join our affiliate program. When your payment is processed we will send an email with all the information you need and how to get into your personal marketing websites.  Your membership card that includes all of your motor club benefits will be mailed separately.   Also included will be training, a free marketing website that's connected to your very own referral ID, and a virtual back-office to handle all of your weekly earnings.  *To become an agent NOW select the membership plan of YOUR choice by selecting a membership plan in the membership section.  

If you would like to be personally contacted please register using the green button below.  Already a member and have a question?  Please see the FAQ section to find more information.   

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MCA Motor Club of America Compensation Plan Pays Three Ways

You always earn with each new memberhsip you sell.  We are happy to say, you earn monthly renewals and override commission on all your first levels.  It does't stop there, you can earn through 5 levels or generations.  You also earn renewals on all team memberships in your group.  It is easy to build 5 that get 5 and work through the team leaders as you grow.  

For a detailed look of our compensation plan, please view our infographics. Motor Club of America's affiliate compensation plan is easy to understand and explain to others. You'll enjoy the numerous ways we pay our associates.


Your monthly payment covers many of our useful roadside assistance membership benefits. Have you ever needed a battery jump start or a tow because your vehicle is impaired? We're those guys that come to your rescue. We offer many discounts too, like: dental, vision, rental cars, hotels, and more. So, your $40 payment isn't going to waste, you'll have Motor Club of America's leading emergency road coverage, which also comes with peace of mind.

Associate Program Explanation

Our membership programs pay each associate $35 for every member that you refer to our company with a paid valid membership on the Total Security Membership Plan.  Each membership has a monthly renewal for the premium which means you earn each month for life with a small qualification.  We have associates earnng thousands of dollars each week from their renewals of existing members.

We are always adding more members that become associates to help grow our business.  That is why we have enlisted your help in doing so.
It's an easy and simple process to guide your potential clients to your marketing website which we will provide for you free.
Most of our members join to utilize the many benefits of our emergency roadside assistance program and discounts provided by our vendors.
However, many are attracted by the unlimited potential for the sales income and residual income through our associate program.

As an associate you are paid on Friday via direct deposit to your bank account.
Each associate has no limit as to how much they can earn.
When an associate strives to seek out new members and continues to help grow their business, your income can continue to grow.

There is also a monthly bonus program based on performance.
To receive compensation for referrals from the company, you will need a bank account (or means) for a direct deposit.


Per Company Guidelines: Refunds and Cancellation Policy
You have the right to cancel your membership at any time and for any reason.
Full refunds must be requested within 72 hours of when you signed up.
Partial refund requests are granted if submitted within 30 days.

Disclaimer: MCA operates under the principle that each Independent Sales Associate is critical to our success as a whole.
All income is performance based and commission paid only.
This website is owned and operated by an independent reseller.

**Membership is not a requirement to market the services, however to receive renewals on memberships sold and any team memberships sold the having your own membership would be a requirement.  You have the option to choose which plan you will receive the most benefit from.