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MCA Motor Club of America, Profitable Protection Join Now and Start Your Benefit Savings Plan.  Many of our members are saving hundreds of dollars by utilizing the savings on the dental portion alone. 

You can save money as a member or make money as an agent or associate with MCA.

Become an Independent Marketing Agent and get paid when you refer a paying member!


One Membership Sold = $35.00
Two Memberships Sold = $70.00
Three Memberships Sold = $105.00
Four Memberships Sold = $140.00
Five Memberships Sold = $175.00 
Ten Memberships Sold = $350.00
Fifteen Memberships Sold = $525.00 


Every time a person that you have enrolled sells a membership to someone else, MCA will pay you a $0.66override bonus. As an example, if you were to enroll “John,” you would earn $35.   If “John” enrolls 10 people during the sales week, then you will earn $0.66 X 10 of John’s enrollments = $6.60 each month for the lifetime of the memberships . John has just earned you $6.60 for enrolling 10 people.  This continues to pay each month as long as the member is a currect member.


Whenever you a customer or sales associate pay’s there monthly bill, you will receive an earned override of $0.66. Our customers usually keep there memberships for a very long time, which means you will get paid from that customers monthly bill for a very long time.

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MCA Motor Club of America, profitable protection!

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