About MCA Motor Club of America

Motor Club of America Enterprises, Inc's was founded in 1926.

The company changed its name to Motor Club of America in 1958. The office headquarters were in Paramus, New Jersey, to house the motor club operations.

In the early 1980's MCA had enjoyed steady growth, with operations now spreading to include 29 states. Much of the out-of-state growth was fueled by a program with AVCO Financial Services, Inc.

In 1992, Motor Club of America Enterprises, Inc., MCA, had become one of but a few licensed and qualified motor clubs to do business in all fifty (50) States, and Canada.

JVL Holding Properties, at the time of acquisition owned two entities, TVC Marketing Associates, Inc., and TVC Pro-Driver, Inc. Subsequent to the acquisition of MCA, Motor Club of America Enterprises, Inc., JVL Holding founded or acquired, Auto Help Line of America, Inc., Auto Club of America, Corp., and Small Business Club of America, Inc. In 2010 JVL Holding, Inc., was renamed TVC Holding, Inc.

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