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TVC Pro-Driver

MCA Motor Club of America -  Profitable Protection 
Affordable Roadside assistance -Unlimited 100 MILE TOW -UNITED STATES & CANADA + 
Internet Doctors 15%-60%  Discount Dental Pharmacy and Optical  24/7 - 365 days 
 MCA  Official Roadside Service since 1926

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TVC realizes you have only one driver’s license. Your license is your livelihood. When you rely on your driver’s license and the ability to drive to provide for you and your family; the very last thing you need is to lose that right to drive. 

Whether you are off the road for a day or a week or more, this totally effects your income, your lifestyle and your ability to provide for your family. 

Protecting your right to drive in any vehicle is of course always the most important reason to have our membership. Your first line of defense is to have a great attorney that is familiar with CDL trucking laws ready to assist you the minute you have a problem. 

You have a strict time schedule, your calendar is completely full and one item that is never on it; getting a traffic ticket or having an accident.  

We know you may have a family at home. Peace of mind while you are driving is always important to you. First, knowing legal help is as close as the phone 24/7. 

We also know while you are on the road, you may have a spouse at home taking care of everything from getting to another job, getting the kids to school, sports activities and the list goes on. TVC provides auto club emergency roadside services to you and to your spouse on your personal vehicle. If he or she has a flat, needs a jump start or locks the keys in the car, NO PROBLEM. A simple call, anytime day or night and help is on the way.

We know you have added expenses whether dental, pharmacy or optical. Why not take advantage of a network of providers that are willing to work with you, in your local area with 15-60% discounts. Now that’s a tremendous savings! Whether it is braces, a crown, root canal or just a routine visit, savings are available to you and your immediate family.

Have you ever gotten sick on the road and needed to talk with a doctor yet, couldn’t take your truck to get it? It happens! Now you can register for a small annual fee and be part of 114,000 provider network. Diagnosis by phone or via internet is available anytime. Need a prescription? Everything is just a call away when you have our Phone Doctors working for you.

Want to talk to an attorney to find out if you need an attorney? That’s right. Sometimes you need to know if you need to take action. Now, that consultation can be set up and it’s FREE to you as a member.

Take a few minutes and review ALL the service benefits your TVC Pro-Driver or MCA Plan has to offer. You and your family could be saving money every day.