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PRESS RELEASE – Interview with Charlotte Watts

February 2013

Is it true you have several team members that have been with you for years that have all earned more than a million dollars with TVC Marketing?

Yes, I am so proud to say this is very true. I have people on my team that have been with me for more than 15-20 years and new ones added today. 

That is the beauty of this marketing plan. Everyone, regardless of when they start can earn more than I do (and trust me I am really happy with what I earn) as you can go as wide as you like. 
Building teams is KEY for your future. 
You always have 5 generations of pay deep on each first level you recruit or sponsor.  

Now the matrix will take you all the way through 8 levels. There are new people starting this year that will certainly be 6 figure income earners in my group. 

What does it take to be successful with TVC?

That is easy; treat your business like a business. When you work for someone else you have a full time job. You show up at a certain time, you work a specified number of hours and you go home. If you will work the same way for YOURSELF, your TVC-MCA business will reward you financially.

You see, the problem with most people is they look at this as a way to make a ‘quick’ $80. People come into the business expecting to make $1000’s of dollars the first week and guess what; you can if you are willing to put in the time. Just getting a membership is the start. Everyday you need to learn something new.  
You need to become an expert at understanding the marketing plans in order to maximize your money and be in the matrix.How can you expect to be successful if you don’t own your own product or learn the benefits of every membership and what it offers and pays?

Is it true that the renewals will pay at 80% of the first year for the lifetime of the membership?

Yes it is.  
Just think about it.  
You can work making sure you have a good member that understands the value of the membership and most will use it within the first year. Once they see how great the service is they will certainly not cancel. Now the matrix adds even more security to the lifetime of the membership as it locks in the spot in the rewards pay for each member. A member can receive a reward just because they have a membership.  
Now that is a win-win.

Are you still an active associate?

I enjoy working with my associates and their teams.  
I honestly think I get more excited more than they do when they get their first check or recruit their first person! 

I know where they can be and what the future will be like for them once they see the “BIG PICTURE”.  

Where do you see the company going in the future?

To see the future you always have to look to the past. 
I see a strong company with a 25 year history, creating membership packages that fit the needs of individuals and updating as necessary.  
I also see a company that has made unlimited earning opportunities available to all.  

Step 1: Enroll  
Step 2: Never quit

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