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MCA MotorClubofAmerica, Profitable Protection Independent Marketing Agent Compensation Plan
MCA Motor Club of America Compensation Statement

Have you heard about the compensation plan when you refer a new member to Motor Club of America?

Look at this, on the Total Security Plan that is only $19.95 a month, when I enroll a member, they pay a first and last month up front for a total of $39.90 and as long as it is on an ongoing payment method,charge card or checking account (not one of those pesty cash or gift cards) I get paid an advance commission of $80 next, now that is exciting. 

When I get a new member this week and they enroll on line by Midnight Saturday night, the next Friday they will deposit that money in my bank as long as I have followed the instructions.

The instructions are really pretty simple:

  Fill out the TVC Marketing associate agreement that is sent to you on line and mail it back.
  If I live in a State that requires a license, that was emailed to me too. 
  I have to follow the instructions, fill it out and mail that back to TVC.
  They have to approve me before I get my license and In most cases there is no test
  so really pretty simple, just fill it out and mail it back, ..... ok I can do that.  
  Send my information so my money can be direct deposited in my bank account. Now I am liking this,
  while I sleep, they pay me.....all for just telling my friends and a few other people out there about this Total Security
  Motor Club membership with all the that is a real deal.

Oh, I want to make sure I explain that when they get this membership it only covers the member or person that filled out the form and they will sure want to keep it forever. I know I have needed this a few times and I won't be caught without all that protection ever that residual income....
now that is REAL total security for me and my family.